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My goal at each session is to ENCOURAGE RELAXATION and MANAGE ANXIETY, STRESS, & PAIN due to repetitive stress/postural issues.

Therapeutic Massage: I take a synergistic approach to my work, combining a variety of techniques* to maximize benefits for each individual. Pace and pressure is adjusted as needed. Occasionally, I may add hot towels, warm pillows, hot/cold stones and/or aromatherapy - this is at my discretion (and with your permission) and without additional charge. Unless you request otherwise, the table warmer is always on for your comfort. An additional blanket is available upon request.

Please note that only ethical massage services are offered

RATES for Therapeutic Massage
(Effective July 1, 2017)

90 minutes......................$130
75 minutes......................$110
60 minutes........................$95
45 minutes........................$75
30 minutes........................$60

PRE-PAID Series of 6
90 minutes............$690   (savings of $90)
75 minutes............$588   (savings of $72)
60 minutes............$510   (savings of $60)

PRE-PAID Series of 12
90 minutes..........$1320   (savings of $240)
75 minutes..........$1116   (savings of $204)
60 minutes............$960   (savings of $180)



RTM SIGNATURE MASSAGE (100 minutes...$150)

Enjoy the Ultimate in Relaxation with this Customized extended session. Extra attention just where you want it: neck/shoulders, low back, pecs, abdomen, hands and/or feet. Thai Stretches. Hot Stones, Aromatherapy. Sugar Foot Scrub. Hot towels.

RTM SIGNATURE COMBO  (120 minutes...$180)
Custom Therapeutic Massage, including Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Mini  & Sugar Foot Scrub, followed by an Aromatherapy Facial Massage. Decadence. 

 Inhale the aromatic essence of a Lavender infused steamy towel wrap prior to cleansing and toning your skin. Your aromatherapy journey continues with a mild Mint exfoliation and lavender infused massage that includes the face, neck and decollete and is designed to encourage relaxation of facial and neck muscles, decongest sinus areas, and nourish the skin on a cellular level. After the massage, an anti-aging Alaskan Glacial Mud masque is applied to heal and nourish, hydrate, and smooth the texture of your skin. This is a good time for a soothing hand and arm massage! Your session concludes with the application of a light Chamomile moisturizer to calm and balance your skin, Cucumber eye cream and Hibiscus lip gloss.
*I use therapeutic grade essential oils (always diluted) - your selections can be discussed at your visit.  Lavender infused towels are prepared in advance, please let me know prior to your appointment if you have another preference.

HOT STONE   (90 minutes...$150)
This ancient therapy is both healing and grounding as well as UBER-RELAXING! I use a variety of heated stones with high quality ESSENTIAL OILS to create a total sensory experience. Some stones are used for placement to relax and soften muscles, while I massage with others, adjusting the pressure to your preference. The combination of heat and aromatherapy helps your muscles unwind as your mind calms and your spirit floats in this meditative session.  *contraindicated if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, are on blood thinners or have sunburn or other skin condition 

As a part of your Therapeutic Massage session, gently warmed and oiled Himalayan Salt Stones help ease the tension out of your back, neck and shoulders. These polished stones bring a healing energy to help balance mind, body and spirit. A Himalayan Salt Foot Scrub completes your session.
When heated, Himalayan Salt produces negative ions which can help to create a sense of peace and relaxation. The stones are naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial and contain over 84 trace minerals which penetrate the body and may help with circulation, respiration, and gastrointestinal issues among other health benefits. It is recommended that you NOT shave prior to this treatment.

PRE-NATAL (same rates as therapeutic massage)
Using pillows to support you as you lie on your side, massage can help ease the aches and pains you feel as your body grows and changes. General benefits and goals are similar to "regular" therapeutic massage: stress relief, lowered anxiety, better sleep, improved circulation and mobility...the main differences are positioning (side-lying) and the use of lighter, slow strokes on the legs due to changes in blood volume and circulation.
*Most women can safely receive massage during all stages of pregnancy, however, it is always a good idea to check with your doctor prior to scheduling, especially important if you are considered high risk.

THAI ON THE TABLE  (coming soon!)

Shorter Sessions (30 minutes each $70)
  • HAND AND FOOT MASSAGE  Treat your hard working hands and feet to a luxurious massage just for them. Super great for people who work with their hands (keyboard to woodworking), and/or spend time on their feet. Show some love!
  • INTENSIVE FOOT TREATMENT  Spa love for your feet with a Yummy Exfoliating Sugar Scrub, a Healing Warm European Mud Treatment, followed by a luxurious Hydrating Foot Massage.
  • IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD (AND NECK) Massage for the muscles of the neck and upper back can give you relief from "Text Neck" (yes, it's a thing), caused by frequently looking down at your electronic devices. A face and/or scalp massage, where there are many nerve endings, helps to soothe and relax you. May include some work for migraines, sinus or TMJ.
COMPLEMENTS (Add-ons to your regular massage session - 15 minutes each $25)
  • SUGAR FOOT SCRUB  Get your Bliss on with this Luxurious foot treatment. Exfoliating Sugar scrub, Moisturizing & Rejuvenating Foot Massage and Hot Towels!
  • MINI AROMA-FACIAL MASSAGE  An express version of my Aromatherapy Facial Massage. Great if you just want to try it out or are short on time. Serious relaxation properties.
  • DRY BRUSHING A gentle, yet invigorating exfoliation treatment. Includes natural bristle brush or exfoliating gloves to take home for continued use.
  • HOT STONE MINI  Curious about Hot Stone and want to try without the commitment of a whole session? I will include several Hot Stones in your regular massage session so you can experience the comforting warmth and muscle melting power for yourself.

Chair or Table Massage is available for your Small Business or Event.  Great for employee incentives, Bridal or Birthday parties, Showers, and more! - please inquire for rates